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Artsana Innovation Platform: a new way to identify innovative solutions that meet the needs of families around the world, through OPEN INNOVATION. This platform is open to all: creatives, designers, graphic designers, technicians, and engineers... everyone can take part in the online contests and present their ideas, contributing to the creation of new and innovative projects. The aim is to create a large community that shares ideas but also passion. It represents a new way of engaging in dialogue and a different way of sharing, including our own talent, with the Artsana Group's usual goal: to develop innovative solutions, that can meet the concrete and real needs of families!

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The Process: how it works

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Create a new account on our signup page and tell us what kind of creative you are.

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Start creating a project, following the indications and info provided in the brief. If you have doubts or questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Submit your project through the upload page and get in touch with an international community from all around the world, with whom one can share the passion for design.

Get awards and international awareness

Run for cash, and get nternational awareness generated by the interest of designers and professionals.


Created in Italy in 1946, Artsana has been committed to developing reliable solutions to support the growth and wellbeing of current and future generations. The Group markets its brands in over 150 countries through more than 300 Chicco stores, as well as numerous local distributors, and through the Prenatal Retail Group network which, with its controlled brands, has a total of around 900 stores.

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