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Chicco invites all creatives to immerse themselves in the child’s world and develop the concept for a highly multifunctional and adjustable nursing bra that facilitates breastfeeding and can be used in conjunction with a series of integrated accessories.

>>> DEADLINE EXTENDED until 20 April 2023 (1.59 PM UTC)<<<<

Company description

Chicco is a multi-specialised parenting brand. Parenting is a concept that means more than biological parenthood, it is an extended attitude, including also grandparents, uncles, friends and all the caregivers of children in general. For over 60 years, Chicco has been working closely with and for families, listening to and supporting their needs by developing simple and effective solutions thanks to Chicco Research Center which is in constant dialogue with families, observation of children’s and parents’ behaviors, as well as being in continuous collaboration with experts and scientific community. Today, Chicco is one of the top 10 Italian consumer goods brands with a global market of over 120 countries and 360 single-brand stores, out of which 111 are located in Italy.